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Because human is Herbivore

ONE Cure for Most Common, Deadly or Disabling Diseases

It's no coincidence that The cure for most common diseases such as for example stroke, heart attack, diabetes, cancer, alzheimer or even having high blood pressure or being overweight is the same thing:

Drink lots of water, eat lots of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, boiled potatoes, rice, beans and vegetables without oil.  Or in a nutshell, eat a Herbivore diet.  And do not eat meat, dairy and eggs (omnivore or animal-based diet). 
It's not coincidence (it's logical) because over millions of years a herbivore's body is designed for eating plants (not animal products).  An example would be pouring some water in a car's gas tank.  In the long run, the more water you add, the more damage you do the engine. 
Regarding the following videos, please remember that only plants have fiber and have no cholesterol and no saturated fat.  Only meat, dairy & eggs have saturated fat & cholesterol and have no fiber.
Eliminating the #1 Cause of Death (Atherosclerosis)
How to protect eyes
from diabetic blindness by NOT eating animal products
Cholesterol and Alzheimer’s Disease.  
How to Prevent a Stroke
(& atherosclerosis) the 2d leading cause of death & disability, and also diabetes, obesity, cardio-vascular diseases by NOT eating animal based foods
What Causes Type 2 Diabetes
& obesity - eating animal (saturated) fat found in meat & diary destroying pancreas and liver
Bad cholesterol  
causing stroke & heart attack by clogging arteries (atherosclerosis, the disease of herbivores)
Okinawan Diet  
Living to 100
Dr. Ellsworth Wareham -
98 years old vegan   



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